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Tài liệu tham khảo » Bài đọc hiểu số 3 đề thi đại học Anh văn 2007
Bài đọc hiểu số 3 đề thi đại học Anh văn 2007

Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng (A hoặc B, C, D) cho mỗi chỗ trống




Health and fitness are not just for young people. They are  for anyone willing to accept the (46)______ for a good diet
and (47)______ exercise. With age, there is a tendency to feel that the body is no longer able to (48)______. Aches and pains are (49)______ normal. Instead of pushing the body to do (50)_______, activities become limited. Yet examples after examples have shown us that older people can – and should – be (51)______. Men and women in their sixties have run in marathons, races of more than  twenty-six miles. Some professional athletes stay (52)______ into their forties and fifties.
For most people, simple activities like walking and swimming are all that is needed to stay in (53)______. It’s important to include exercise in your daily routine. In the winter, (54)______ push-ups, sit-ups, and other indoor exercises. Of course, such exercises will be of little use (55)______ you follow them with soda and chips.
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