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You have probably never heard of Charles burgress Fry but in the early years  of this century , he was the most famous man in England .  He become famous while(1) at university , mainly on(2) of this achievements in sport .He was at the same time captain of the university football , cricket and athletics teams and(3) . the world record for the long jump . He was also a(4) sport journalist .He was so famous that letters addressed to Mr . Fry Oxford were(5) . to him without any difficutly . His college , (6) . it had quite a different name , was(7) as Fry`s College .
Some people have(8)   Fry`s sporting achievements . They(9) out thet he lived at a time when standards were quite(10) and it was much easier to(11) well in several sports. It is certainly true that athletes of thet  time did not have the totally deticated(12) of modern athletes . However , it is only(13) to judge  him(14) the standards of his own time . There is no doubt that he had extraordinary skill(15) with an ability to write about with style and intelligence .