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Money is something we all take for granted in our lives.Some of us may (1) . we had more of it but we all recognize it when we see it , whether in the (2) of coins , notes or cheques . It is difficult to imagine how people(3) without money . In the earliest periods of human history , poeple used to exchange goods directly . They would exchange things they had(4) of for things that they were in(5) of . For example , they might offer food for tools . This(6) of exchange ,which is known as \'barter\' , has many disadvantages . Certain goods may be difficult to carry , they may not(7) long , or may be impossible to(8) into smaller units . It can also be difficult to know the(9) of something compared with other goods.
(10) historians , the first  money , in the senes we(11) it today,(12) of good coins produced about 2,500 years ago . Gold , being a very precious metal , was a(13) material .The  introduction of gold coins was(14) to everyone and they were still being used at the beginning of  this century , althrough they have now been (15) by paper money and  coins made of ordinary metals .