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 According to a group called The Voices Foundation , everyone has a singing voice as well as a speaking voice somewhere inside them . This, they say ,should be encouraged from an early (1) because it provides the best, and the cheapest,(2) on which to build an understanding of music.

 (3) ..the Foundation ideas, lies the teaching of the Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly, He observed that song can (4) as key part of the relationship between mother and child almost from birth. This is especially(5) of more traditional societics, like those of West Africa, where some small children are (6) ...to sing literally hundesds of songs, all of which have been learnt by (7) . But many modern children first (8) to an understanding of music when they learn to play an instrument, and (9) some teaching of the theory of music is usually a part of thix , their relationship with the music on the(10) .. is often a mechanical one .

The(11) of the Voices Foundation is that a natural (12) for rhythm  , harmony and musical structure , the very(13) we appreciate in the greatest musicians , can only be achieved through the exploration of music with the voice from the start . The foundation has , therefor , (14) itself  the task of developing a singing -cectred musical education progamme that could(15) .. junior pupils all over the world.