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The  first London to Brighton run took place on November 14th 1896.It was organised to celebrate the(1) of a law which made it easier for cars in Britain to be driven on the roads .Before the , the law(2) . driver and an engineer in the car and a man walking in front of the vehicle with a red flag(3) . of its approach.

Since then, this anual run has become one of the most popular events on the British motoring calendar,(4) .crowds of over one million lining the route. Only the(5) .  oldest cars,  constructed during the ten years betweem 1895 and 1905 , are allowed to(6) . in it .Lovingly polishedby their drivers , who aer dressed in the clothing of  the(7) . the cars leave Hyde Park in London at 7.30 am and arrive ,(8) in Brighton some three hours later.

The 60-mile runis not race-there`s an official coffee shop on  the(9) .. an  the cars are restricted  to an avegae speed of only 30kph . The only(10) for finishing is a medal , wich is awarded to everyone who(11) .  Brighton before 4pm . The run traditionally (12) particpands from all four(13) .  of  the world , including Europe, Asia , Africa and Australia . Since the yougest car is neraly  a hundred years old , some of them(14) . down of course . But for the owners of the 400-plus vehicles , it`s simply  being there that(15) the greatest pleasure .