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Most ghost stories are (1) in mysterious, old houses or castles. The ghosts themselves whose (2) wander the earth at night, are usually the victims of some horrible crimes. This is not always the case as the following story (3) .
When my friend, Paul, was a schoolboy, he often used to chat to Mr. Scott, an elderly gentlemen living on his own. Mr. Scott was a keen gardener. He would always be looking after his lawn or his flowers and Paul was (4) the habit of saying a few words to him over the fence.
One summer’s evening, as Paul was on his way home from school, he saw, as (5) Mr. Scott in his garden. The old man was busily weeding his flowerbeds. When he saw Paul, he invited him into the garden with a (6) of his hand. Slowly, they strolled all around, admiring the various flowers. Then, to Paul’s surprise, Mr. Scott bent down and picked a (7) of his finest dahlias. ‘Here boy,’ he said. ‘Give these to your mother.’
No sooner had he arrived home than he (8) the flowers to his mother. He then told her that they were with Mr. Scott’s compliments. His mother’s face went red with anger. ‘You wicked boy!’ she shouted. ‘How (9) you say such a thing! I (10) into his daughter in the supermarket this morning. She told me that the poor old chap had passed away in his sleep last Friday.\'