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To the passer -by , number 7 Blyth Grove , in Workshop , looks just like any other fairly old house in Britain , But inside and you go  back into a vanished world , William Straw`s house is exactly as his parents left it  when they  died in the 1930s.

William Straw , who died in 1990, lived in the house with his brother Walter after their parents deaths . They lived  a strict routine , never married and had no  friends.They had no social life and callers were never  into the house

Their parents had a successful grocery shop and the family moved into the house in 1923 , immediatly spending $70 a huge in those days on  redecoration . Their father died in 1932 and their monther in 1939 , when William , then the history lecturer at London University , returned to Workshop . He his job and set up house with Walter , who had been  the shop since their parent`s death.    the two  cut themselves off from the rest of the world .

Nothing that their parent`s had owned  was ever moved or away . Towards the end of their lives, it seems that they became of  value of what they had done ,because hey  began to put various  pictures and items of furniture , explainning where they came from . Today ,the house is open to the public , and visitors quicly that it is the closest they are ever likely to come to time travel .