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CONCORDE, the world’s fastest and most graceful (1) plane, will soon be 25 years old. It first flew on 2 March 1969, from Toulouse in France.
Concorde was developed by both France and Britain. From 1956 these two countries had a (2) of a supersonic passenger plane. In 1962 they started to work together on the (3) The plane cost over £1.5 billion to develop. It is the most (4) plane in the history of (5) It was given over 5,000 hours of testing.
Concorde flies at twice the speed of sound. This means that it takes only 3 hours 25 minutes to fly between London and New York, compared with 7 – 8 hours in other passenger jets. Because of the five-hour time (6) between the USA and Britain, it is possible to travel west on Concorde and arrive in New York before you leave London! You can (7) the 10.30 am flight from London, Heathrow and start work in New York an hour earlier!
Concorde is much used by business people and film stars. But its oldest passenger was Mrs. Ethel Lee from Leicestershire in England. She was 99 years old when she (8) from Heathrow on 24 February 1985.
Each Concorde is built at a (9) of £55 million. Twenty have been built so far. Air France and British Airways (10) the most. They each have seven planes.