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"My home is in the air – I do an enormous amount of traveling. It is a fast life and (1) of work, but I like it and that is the only way( 2) me. Everything is tiring – music, traveling – but what can I do? I am not (3) to complaining. It is hard to imagine now (4) I will ever be very long in one place. My home town is on the Caspian Sea. There is sea, wind, sun and (5) many tourists and hotels. I have my own flat with four or five rooms, but I am seldom there. If I am there for a day or two I prefer to (6) with my mother and grandmother. They live in a small house, (7) it is very comfortable and my mother cooks for me. I like good, simple food.
I have no wife, no brothers or sisters and my father (8) when I was seven. He was an engineer and I don’t (9) him very well. He liked music very much and wanted me to (10) a musician."